Below is the formal training that I offer online or in person in Barcelona

Natural First Aid Kit

The aim of this training is to learn the basics of Naturopathic Medicine. It aims to prevent and treat illnesses through the use of natural tools, such as phytotherapy, nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits.

By identifying simple and common pathologies of each organic system, the natural remedies that help to eliminate these imbalances will be explained.

This training can be accompanied by laboratory practice where you will learn how to prepare home remedies such as syrups, tinctures and other preparations.

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Natural Cosmetics

The aim of this training is to learn how to formulate natural cosmetics, enhancing their therapeutic properties and adapting them to any type of skin.

We will elaborate natural products for beauty and health, knowing the raw materials, creating and personalising formulas, developing a handcrafted, delicate and creative activity.

At the end of the course you will have a broad knowledge of how to formulate cosmetic products and create your own recipes. Solid and liquid cosmetics will be produced.

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Toxic-free home

In our homes there are a multitude of harmful chemicals that seriously affect our health.

The aim of this training is:

  • To know the main toxic substances and the effects they have on our health.
  • How to acquire healthy lifestyle habits, respectful of our body and the environment.
  • To learn alternative recipes that are easy to implement.


  • Where are the toxics?
  • Toxic metals and their effects on health.
  • Cleaning products
  • Cosmetics
  • Kitchen utensils. Pans and plastics
  • Natural formulas and alternatives
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Energetic nutrition based on Traditional Chinese Medicine

Energy nutrition is one of the therapeutic pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese energetic dietetics considers food as a means to recover and maintain health. In Chinese medicine, food not only provides nutrients, but also has its own energetic characteristics that influence the functioning of the organism.

The aim of this training is to learn about the qualities of food based on its nature and the effect it has on our health.



  • Bases of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Yin-Yang
  • Theory of the 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water).
  • Classification of food
  • Basics of Chinese Diet Therapy
  • Recipe book
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