Naturopath and Acupuncturist

About me

I have always been attracted to science, I was fascinated by understanding the why of everything, especially how clusters of tiny atoms were responsible for influencing our bodies, behaviour and emotions. That’s why I studied chemistry.
Although I was quite rational, I was interested in observing how certain attitudes predisposed me to certain diseases.
For part of my life I worked in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector, but I found it very simplistic that science relied only on empirical facts, accepting as real only what could be measured, leaving aside other factors such as emotions and feelings.
For this reason, about 10 years ago I took a professional turn towards the world of alternative therapies, such as Naturopathy, and now Chinese Medicine.
And this is where I find more answers. The body is seen as a “whole”. The relationship and influence between different organs and the energy that circulates through them is indivisible. A symptom or imbalance cannot be separated from physical, emotional, mental, environmental causes?
Everything is related in constant dependence.